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where the world is going after corona?

where the world is going after corona? Are we going in the dark era of the world like back in time where there was no flights, schools, events, offices, malls etc?

Have you given a single thought what is happening around you after the outbreak of corona virus? I feel like whole world has been stopped.

Here are the few major things which are happening and we cannot have a little control over it;

  • Major companies’ production has been stopped.
  • Education institutes are shut down.
  • Travel has become a dream come true
  • Job and businesses have been slowed down.
  • We cannot meet with our families.
  • Cannot go out with children
  • Hospitals are on emergencies like in a war.
  • Major events have been canceled.
  • What has happened to R&D of the world?
  • What if internet goes down? #GodForBid
  • Whole world is under crisis.
  • Is this world coming to an end?
  • What are we afraid of? A thing which we cannot see without

Major companies’ production has been stopped:

It all started in china which is the industrial and economical hub of the world. Maximum industries have been shut down and production has been stopped. Staff was getting sick and virus was spreading so all the companies asked to take health as a priority.

Chinca cannot export and many countries which uses import from china they cannot import, this effect is shaking whole world’s economy.

Iphone sales has come down, major auto production has been stopped etc.

Education institutes are shut down:

Education institues has been shut down in major countries eg: China, UAE, Pakistan, Iran etc. What could happen to this world if children are not getting proper education? Just imagine! Horrifying no?

Exams has been postponed in major countries. Where they have online education facility they are providing but in developing country like Pakistan, Pakistani does not have that kind of infrastructure to educate children online.

You know some wise man once said;

“If you want to destroy any nation, just finish their education system, they will destroy themselves.”

China is giving online education to the children sitting at homes, UAE also planning to go online education on urgent basis too.

Travel is becoming a dream come true:

Now major flights to major countries have been canceled or postponed. So what would that guy do who just got his vacation planned and he was saving for this trip but now he cannot as his flight got cancelled.

What about those who had business meeting on which his whole business was dependant? and lastly what about those people who go abroad to earn for their families and they cannot leave due to danger of corona?

UAE has cancelled flights to and from 4 major countries so as other countries who are at high risk of spreading of corona.

Job and businesses have been slowed down:

One business which was dependent on china and that is not receiving his shipping from china as production has been stopped there. What would that business owner do? Close his business and fire all those who work for it.

Many people are becoming jobless as major companies are asking whether to work from home or leave the job as we cannot sit in offices or we do not need you.

Now latest news was Twitter asked their employees to work from home.

Twitter asks its employees to work from home because of coronavirus

We cannot meet and greet our families and fellows:

As we know shaking hands and making close contact with person who is sick can increase the chances of catching the virus.

Latest video of Chinese greeting after corona;

Here is the latest update we found;

Hand shakes, hugs and Bio metric attendance stopped in Islamabad

Cannot go out with children:

It has been recommended not to go out in crowded places like malls and children parks. Now what would children do at home all the time?

In 3rd world country where electicity is the problem so they cannot even watch the TV all day long.

Hospitals are on emergencies like in a war:

Hospitals are on alert if any case comes in they have to take it and cure it untill it gets clearance.

Major events have been canceled:

Here is three world class events have been canceled, there are many many others we are unaware of;

  • DealMaker London by Rakuten Advertising (1st April 2020)
  • Cloudnext by Google (6th April, 2020)
  • The Geneva Motor Show 2020

What has happened to R&D of the world?:

Unfortunately we are unable to find the cure of corona virus till now. What has happened to the top class scientist of the world, what is R&D department doing that they can not find tiny anti virus till now?


Cure is there but some war is going on where we have to fight to get cure, is it some kind of hollywood movie?

What if internet goes down? #GodForBid:

Now everything is going online be it conferences, education, office work or anything. Just think once what would happen if the internet goes down?

What will we do then? Are we ready to face that?

Whole world is under crisis:

Now that new jobs will not be there and most current businesses will be shut down for sometime, it will hit the economy hard and this recession will remembered forever and in top history.

Is this world coming to an end?:

No. Relax!

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What is Coronavirus?

It is virus originated from Wuhan China. It creates issues in the respiratory system of the human.


  • Regular flu
  • Rainy nose
  • Cough
  • Weakness and temperature


As there is not cure to it here is the list of precautions;

  • Wash hands regularly may be 6-8 times a day.
  • Do not make close contact with sick people.
  • Wear mask if you go in crowded area.
  • Avoid unnecessary roaming around.
  • Visit hosp if anything happens.
  • Share this information to maximum people so that they could take precautionary steps.

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