Ducky Bhai Wife Video

Recently we watched video of Ducky Bhai on his channel discussing “Ducky Bhai Wife Video”

Back Story of the Ducky Bhai Wife Video:

Recently an AI generated deep fake video of Ducky Bhai’s wife Aroob got viral and internet is acting differently. Of course it was not good video and professionals who know AI & Deep Fake saying following could be the motives of the person who posted the video.

  • May to defame the couple on social media could be hate or hasad
  • Money could be the reason where person would ask $$ in return of deleting
  • Some newbie trying to do stupid stuff and getting viral
  • Could be some content creator who wanted to get viral

Well whatever could be, this is the worst thing to do and should be shame ful, the person who did this must be found and held responsible with all the legal actions.

Here is the recent video where Ducky Bhai explained;

He shares backstory and he put bounty.  

But we found something interesting by Rafay Baloch;

Here are things Rafay has said but before that let’s know who is Rafay baloch? He is Cyber Security Researcher, who knows ins & outs of it and worked with leading institutes on this manner. He has suggested following in his video;

  • Ducky Bhai should have kept it low
  • He should have reported the case to FIA
  • Things could get worse after Ducky’s latest video

Watch the video here;

Let us know your views in comments below!

Now you who is searching for that video, you should be ashamed and think God forbid happens with your family?
Stop searching for stupid stuff and start focusing on your learning, study, career & business and pray Ducky & his family gets out of this soon & Allah asaniya paida kre

I will keep you posted if any new updates come in.
Prayers for everyone.

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