Here is top 5 myths about Covid-19

Here is top 5 myths about Covid-19

Top 5 myths about Covid-19:

Covid19 has created more doctors as we Pakistani believe in what we read and watch on social media without doing research about that. In this article I am going to tell you top 5 myths about Covid-19.

There is majority of population in Pakistan who still believe coronavirus is nothing and does not exist. On the other hand we connect corona virus different conspiracy theories which roam around in the market.

We listen new thing every other day, please be responsible citizen and trust me it is real, very very real.

Corona is a bacteria and can be killed with antibiotics:

Corona is a virus from the family of viruses known as Coronaviridae and virus cannot be treated with antibiotics so please consult with doctor before taking any meds.

Hold your breath for 10 seconds and you can know whether you can fight with virus or not:

Another famous and purchased myth about corona is that if you hold your breathe for 10 seconds it means your lungs are ok and can fight with corona.

Why? Why and How? How can you believe in such thing? My mind does not allow me to digest it.

There is proper test to test this and yes WHO has cleared shared about it’s symptoms.

It hits only older people, young people are safe:

No, this is not the case, I have known more young cases than older cases. It is equally effective for both, it is just old has low immune system and old has different diseases associated like diabetes and blood pressure.

Yes death ration in young is lower but it effects both young and old so take all precautionary measures.

Hot water and hot bath will prevent the virus:

It can save you catching virus from the body but it is not a vaccine to rely on.

5G has severe connection with virus:

That is very stupid that 5G network transfer virus from one place to another. Scientifically it is impossible that signals carry viruses.

So think about something better than this.

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