Coronavirus and its impact on world Pakistani Government asked to ban the export of face masks and hand gloves to face the unexpected increase of corona virus

Coronavirus and its impact on world

Coronavirus and its impact on world is very scary and dangerous not only to health of people but also health of all major businesses.

What is Coronavirus?

It is a virus which is commonly found in animals. Recently found that it can transfer from animals to human being which could kill humans.

Its major symptom is issues in upper body and respiratory issues. It seems like normal cold.


  • Simple fever
  • Cough and sore throats.
  • cold, runny nose and fever.

How can we save ourselves from this deadly virus?

Well cleaning plays major role here and here is how we can get away from it;

  • Wash your hands regularly with anti bacteria soaps.
  • Stay away from the people who are sick.
  • Keep your masks on.
  • Increase water intake and keep yourself hydrated.
  • In case of more issues visit your doctor at earliest.

It spreads in the air while coughing and sneezing, by touching infected persons or places.

Currently coronavirus started from wuhun, china and infected thousands of people and killed 100s of people. Scients are working day and night to make any medication to get rid of it but as we all know these things take time.

Here is how it is effecting the world economy;

Wuhun is the hub of car industry in china where many brands manufacture their parts. These companies have concerns of the employees who work there. They are in continuous contat with chineese people and gvernment and asking health of employees is first employees.

We may see big loss to these companies if the production is slowed down or stopped.

On the other hand Apple which is world’s leading mobile company has plants in china and they have closed the stores or change the timings of staff due to virus. Another major loss in world’s economy.

Many students of all countries also stuck there in the virus and cannot leave the country because of it.

We pray things get better else this is alarming situation for the rest of the world.

Well ever wondered these viruses are created to make a mess like we watch in movies? Please leave your comments below and stay in touch with Parhley for more news.


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