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National Ketchup Zaruri – Ad review

National Ketchup Zaruri

This is parhley’s 1st ad review ad this ad came infront and thought to write review. National Ketchup Zaruri

National Ketchup is one good ketchup which is tasty and add values to the meal. After watching this ad I just started to love it more, know why? Because kuch b kar k National ketchup de do.

  • Kisi ki pitai kr di ketchup pakra do.
  • Neighbor ki window ka sheesha tor k National ketchup de do sukun scene
  • Kuch b ulta kaam kar k, National Ketchup khila do

Well the idea is not worthy as much as the brand worths.

Here are some comments extracted from youtube:

Kal saath walo ki windshield pun ke. Ketchup dedo ga
Seriously 😕then give me national ketchup I have headache 😰

Samjh se bahar he itne bekaar idea pe itne paise kese lga dye……

Seal tod kay national ketchup dena zaruri ??
WTF! Matlab kuch bhi???? The director of the ad must be on some Weeds🌿
Kaha hota hai aisa Meray koi baalo ko au karay or ketchup day mein to wohi ketchup mu par maro
Bakwas ads All pakistani ads totally bakwas. All ads music songs dance Nothing special promoting material for young generation In ads. Only song music dance. Lanat add makers per.

Let’s have a look at the video;

Video details:

At the start of the video paper boy throws newspaper to home but it hits flowers and the guy at home picks up the newspaper and does not care about flower vase and is happy, in the next scene a kid has different socks and is happy too, next; a lady burns his shirt but she doesnt care how much it cost, she is just ignoring it, when the toast is burnt the guy puts ketchup in the sandwich and says National ketchup zaruri.

Moving on some lady burns the hairstyle of the lady model and gives her National ketchup, she puts on pizza and is smiling as nothing happened, the guy hits the car with football which cost God knows how much and all family instead of saying anything to child they are enjoying family lunch with National Ketchup.

National Ketchup zaroori.

At last they tell in the ad that this is made by tomato.

My feedback;

  • Scenes do not relate to ketchup.
  • They are not real life scenes, in real life people do not act like this if anything bad or ulta happens.
  • I would give 7 out of 10 to the music and lyrics as they are catchy.

Dear National please hire me I would make better ad than this.

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