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zapbuddy: an alternate to whatsapp launches on android

In the world of android apps, many come and go and limited are the people/apps which stay. We know list of apps which were launched to compete with whatsapp but at the end of the day they hands up and give up. There is always need for new app because of recent cliches in privacy of the many apps.

zapbuddy - zapbuddy pakistan - whatsapp pakistan - - parhley - propakistani - bloggers in pakistan - blogging website - pakistani blog

Here is some boises who built a competitive app known as zapbuddy. Its been more than a year when zapbuddy said hello to the world of apps. Well as well all know whatsapp has been the best app to use as it is very user friendly and fastest app.

Getting a patent for anything is not easy, so this app has following patent pending;

  • Addressing encryption
  • Data security
  • Privacy controls
  • Augmented Reality
  • etc

One of the most beautiful thing about this app is that they promise you that they will share your data with 3rd party. This is some gift to many people who have security concerns.

Before that the app was missing 2 major things;

  1. Audio/Video Call
  2. Unavailability on android.

The Team ZAPBUDDY has added both missing things and launched officialy.

How is updated zapbuddy?

Major concern for zapbuddy is speed which wahtsapp provides.

Like whatsap zapbuddy has end to end encryption

Both apps can hide notification when phone is locked, going one step forward zapbuddy has added 1 more lock on the opening of app,

Zapbuddy focused on privacy so they launched different display picture for your contacts and other which are not your contacts.

AR location is one fine search thing introduced by zapbuddy, in this you will be able to locate different restaurants, banks, ATMs etc on your app.

Well, in whatsapp any1 can add you to any group but in zapbuddy you will confirm it then you will be added to that group.

Here is some recommendation mentioned on propakistani:

  • They need to add reply to specific message in chat and search in chat.
  • Desktop mode in which you can access your messages on laptop/desktop screens.

Behind the scene?

Well as we all know great minds are behind great things. Team is wide spread from Melbourne to Islamabad. Like every success story starts from basement garage, this story also is quite same. Finding space between the jobs and their dreams is motivational space for all of us.

Team Parhley wishes best of luck to all of them.

Please share your feedback regarding zapbuddy in comments and keep coming back on parhley for mre content and updates.

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