Music fans are not happy Pasoori Nu a remake of classical Pasoori Song!

Before I tell you what music fans or I think about Pasoori Nu Song, I want you to listen to both original and remake and I leave the rest at you to decide;

Original Pasoori Song;

Pasoori Nu Song remake by Arijit, Rochak, Ali, Tulsi, Gurpreet;

Now you share your views in comments below, does it justify with the original or not?

Here are what people saying about it on youtube;

Pasoori Nu Song reveiw

Here is what I think;

  • You try hard as much as you can but you cannot recreate masterpiece, Pasoori is a masterpiece and cannot be remixed.
  • Pasoori had different kind of vibe
  • After listening to this pasoori nu, I have started loving original pasoori even more now

What do you think about this, let us know in comments below!
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