New Marking system for SSC and HSSC for Pakistani Students

New Marking system for SSC and HSSC for Pakistani Students

Final decision is here and new marking system has been introduced keeping the current situation. It has been so many days students have been worried and away from schools, colleges and tuition centers, here is how they will be graded as per new marking system;

Now many students have already been given mark sheets and many may have given few exam papers but it was tough to gather all the education ministers at the one page.

A detailed policy has been shared by Federal Education Minister Mr Shafqat Mehmood after hours meeting with educationists and ministers;

SSC Part I (9th) and HSSC part I (1st year):

No exams will be taken this year but next year and their performance will be dependant on the next years exam in 2021.

So all the students in 9th or 1st year needs to prepare hard for next years exams to get better grades.

SSC Part II (10th) and HSSC part II (2nd year):

These students will be graded as per their previous performances in the previous classes ie; 9th and 1st year.

On the other hand 3% increment will be given to all, if you performed well in previous class, you need to get rest and if not you need to prepare for re exam.

Student who failed or improving;

Students who failed their exams below 40 in 9th or 1st year will be given passing marks. On the other hand you will have option to improve too.

The marks will be calculated as per their cumulative score not single subject.

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