Why education in Pakistan is failing

4 reasons Why education in Pakistan is failing?

You will be amazed to know that millions of children who are not able to go to school. Thousands of village has no school at all and other thousands of schools are teacher less in the villages. Teachers take salaries from government but they do not teach in schools and they take private tuition.

So today I will tell you few reasons Why education in Pakistan is failing:

  • No Check And Balance on teachers.
  • We are poor to have 2 time meal.
  • We are corrupt nation #AchaSorry
  • Failure of merit system

No Check And Balance on teachers and attendance:

Is there any system where teacher could show when he was present at school and how many classes he took?

Do we know how many students are present at school?

Solution: We should make a pre requisite of salary that teacher has to submit a record of attendance of himself and students with name.

And there should be survey of every school, every month. This will improve attendance of teacher and we will know how much we need to create awareness in that area and proceed with awareness if we have shortage of students.

We are poor to have 2 time meal:

Majority of Pakistani people fall under the poverty line. If we cannot afford 2 time meal how can we afford internet and online education in Pakistan?

So our major focus should be more on classical education system and purely government. If we cannot provide 2 time meal we should provide education where everyone could learn and earn 2 time meal.

Our focus should not be on ABC only but also more focused on skills which enable our children to do something and earn.

In the childhood if we make them habitual of earning they will be more responsible residents.

We are corrupt nation #AchaSorry:

From gatekeeper to our ministers are responsible corruption and as they say we cannot get rid of it but we can decrease it, we can have a little bit control over it.

So why not we should be responsible nation and make a video of every school near you which is government but closed. Upload it to social media and report to PM via app?

Failure of Merit System:

So we are being trained to try for government jobs not because of pride in our job but because we will have less work and enjoy free salaries.

So we pass our merit system and find a guy who takes money from Us and get us that job in government. Who does this?

That guy who is sitting in government seat already. Please bring merit. Give the chance to deserving ones not desired ones.

We have tried all major parties, if we don’t do it for our children’s future, who will? Think

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