Is coronavirus more deadly than ebola? countries with no reported case of corona

Is coronavirus more deadly than ebola?

Is coronavirus more deadly than ebola?


Because there are other viruses which are more deadly. Read complete blog.

Almost everyone is freaked out after coronavirus hit whole world and whole world is talking about it and taking possible measures to stay away from the deadly virus.

In this world we have other virus ebola which is more deadly and dangerous than coronavirus.


It has been on the chart for few months and infected thousands and unfortunatly took lives of many too. As per the latest updates it’s mortality rate is only 2% to 3% which may increase patient to patient.

Till now there is no cure for the virus, only preventive techniques help out to jump out of it.

It has spread very fast in few days and shook whole world and global economy as it all started from wuhun state of China.

Many companies have faced loss because of this, flights have been stopped or delayed, trade has been impacted and many other things.

Coronavirus and its impact on world


Ebola is one hell of deadly virus but we are fortunate that it is rare, more cases of ebola were found in congo.

It is the worst of all viruses because it’s mortality rate is not 10 or 20% but it is 50% and it may increase upto 90% in some cases.

Like Corona there is no cure found for ebola too.

Here are other 4 viruses which are as dangerous as corona or may be more;

  • Hepatitis
  • HIV/Aids
  • Influenza

Take good care of yourself and remember wise man used to say;

Prevention is better than cure!

Till there is no such cure to these viruses, take possible preventions to stay away from it.Like:

  • Wash hands minimum 5 times a day.
  • Stay distant from people who are not well.
  • Always visit hospital if you feel any changes in your health.
  • Remember Team Parhley in your prayers.

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