Zong 5G

Zong 5G ads

Zong 5G ads

Zong 5G ads soon going to be taken down as PTA has asked Company to take down all ads be it printed or digital media.

Recently They tested it’s 5G speed and it was number 1 data provider in Pakistan which tested 5G.

In ads you must have seen this 5G written in big and bold letters.

Zong or any other company is not authorized to sell their corporate services based on 5G technology till now.

PTA has sent notification to Zong to remove all the advertisements made by Zong regarding 5G. It is also stated that every telecom company will be given chance to test 5G technology in near future.

So it is not allowed to advertise your current services making 5G as base as it is not launched or given permission to offer to corporate world.

This step of Zong 4G has led many customer mislead.

Well on the other hand Me as Pakistani felt proud that 5G has been tested in Pakistan atleast.

I hope we shall get 5G along with other world else I remember while everyone around the world were using 3G, LTE and 4G we were stuck with 2G.

Good luck to all the telcos in Pakistan.

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