Burger King

Here is how Burger King is contributing to environment.

Burger King is UK brand and very famous in Pakistan. Like McDonalds they also offer a plastic toy with children’s meal.

Increasing issues caused by plastic all over the world, many people have played vital role to stop plastic. If you are reading from Pakistan you must know that recent Pakistani government of PTI has stopped plastic bags in Islamabad (Capital of Pakistan).

Back to Burger King, they have organized event to melt down all the plastic toys, they are encouraging old customers to bring their old promotional toys and participate by melting them down.

Why this?

Few days back 2 children aging 7 years from Hamsphire petitioned against Mcdonalds and Burger King to stop giving plastic toys to children.

At 1 side Burger King announced to stop plastic and on other hand Mcdonalds does not  have such plans although children can exchange their toy with sachet of fruits.

Here is What Mcdonalds has to say;

The gifts provide fun for many families and children. That’s why we’ll be running these trials, in order to give our customers a choice. They also can choose not to have a toy or gift at all -Paul Pomroy, chief executive of McDonald’s UK and Ireland

What will happen to melted plastic?

As per the news the plastic will not be wasted but will be used in companies to make other products from it and use it.

Impact of the decision;

Well if you see this will not only make environment a better place but also it will boom Burger King’s sales. Customers do appreciate such acts.

Note from editor;

I have stopped using plastic and carry my own bags for things I wanna purchase. You can do this as well. Initially you may face issues as it is out of habits but trust me, it will bring grand change.

Stop using plastic and request others too.

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