Pak Suzuki has stopped booking for few cars

Pak Suzuki has stopped booking for few cars

Pak Suzuki has stopped booking for few cars:

Pak Suzuki has stopped booking for few cars as they have continuous decline in sales for these cars.

Suzuki is top selling car brands in Pakistan. Before it was Mehran then they launched Wagon R and now Alto. Still on top in the game.

Well sad news for all who were planning to purchase a car but good news is that this is not for permanent basis but temporary basis.

Talking about the details of which car is included in this, here is the list;

Swisft DLX, Wagon R VXR, Alto VX, Cultus VXR and Vitara.

Official notice by Suzuki is as below;

Well as you can see they have not stopped all colors of Cultus and Wagon R but only few colors. I believe these are those colors which are not hot selling in the market as of these colors are concerned.

On the other hand talking about Mega Carry did not do well that’s why they closed permanently.

It is clearly shown that this change was due to decline in sales of cars in car industry.

This is not only concern of Suzuki but overall sales of cars has decreased by 41% as per recent data provided by PAMA (Pakistan Automotive Manufactures Association).

Here is the sales data of the suzuki, you will see lots of difference between this year and previous.

Pak Suzuki Car Sales
Model Aug 18’ Aug 19’ Difference
Alto 660CC N/A 3435 N/A
Bolan 1213 371 -69.41%
Ravi 967 322 -66.70%
Cultus 1380 1289 -6.59%
WagonR 2450 645 -73.67%
Swift 355 164 -53.80%
Total 6365 2791 -56.15%


Well you must be thinking why this much change in car industry, we have concluded following reasons;

  • Economic halaat after this government
  • Rupee devaluation against dollar

Lastly telling you this that Suzuki has announced that they will launch AGS Suzuki Wagon R in Pakistan in next few months.

We are hoping that we will have good cars in near future. Many people still think that car industry will get boom in near future.

Also note that this is not Suzuki whose sales is declining but its all other car brands facing same issues.

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