BISP for poor people or rich people?

Was BISP for poor people or rich people?

Was BISP for poor people or rich people?

This is the question I wanted to ask from the people who are in government that was BISP for poor people or rich people?

We know that corruption is big virus in our society, everyone from peon to ministers ask for their mithai.

Few days back I visited to Ghotki which is major city of Sindh.
I saw many people who were registered in BISP were either they owned big property, policeman and other government officials.

Why shouting about other cities this is my own village I am talking about.

Was this program designed for government employees or the people who in actual deserved?

My name is Imran and I can provide you the list of people who deserve this but do get nothing from this program.

Here is latest news that FBR has caught 100s of people who are employees at BISP getting benefit for being poor.

Yes these people are poor because;

  • There is no mechanism to catch them.
  • They do not get paid by government of Pakistan.
  • DO not own a house and a car.
  • Their children are in government schools which are closed.
  • Poverty makes them sleep without eating for days.
  • Clean water cannot be provided to them.

Thanks to FBR for catching these, as per news from local newspaper they have been getting these benefits in name of their family members be it spouses or parents or relatives.

Disciplinary action has been taken against 196 people by FBR. Shame to share this but among these people there are 7 people who are grade 17 officers, 2 of them are grade 14, 10 of them are grade 11 and list goes on.

According to an english daily, the employees that received BISP stipends included Huma Safdar, Famina, Kamla Gopal, Maryam Bibi, Ms Tahira, Munawar Janu, Shagufta, Ram Chand, Abdul Hussain Joyo, Abdul Aziz, Abdul Hameed, Abdul Hayee, Abdul Majeed, Abdul Munaf Junejo, Abdul Salam,Abdul Samad, Abdul Sattar, Abid Ali, Ahmad Mallah, Ahmad, Ahmad Sher, Ajum Khan, Akhtar Ali, Akhtar Hussain Rind, Ali Muhammad Magsi, Allah Rind, Ali dino, Allah Ditta, Allah Rakha, Amir Ahmad, Amir Zad Khan and Asghar Ali.

FBR took this decision following the directions of the Establishment Division.

This article has been written on my knowledge (Guest writer of Parhley) and article written by propakistani.

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