Importance of Linkedin in Pakistan

Importance of Linkedin in Pakistani job market

Importance of Linkedin in Pakistani job market. Linkedin is not only for international job finders but it plays vital role in helping you find your desired job.

Times have gone when employer used to ask you to send long cover letters and detailed CVs. In today’s world Employer picks its employees on the basis of linkedin profile.

Why not stop working on long CVs and start improving linkedin profile. Employers also say if your profile is not available on linkedin, you are not tech savy, and if you are not techie, e mployer may not need you because what s/he is looking is updated candidate who is updated with the current world.

Nowadays it is important to create your brand on linkedin to get more suitable job and branding yourself.

It is a Job portal:

Finding professional people has been made easier with linkedin. You can now connect with CEOs or HR Managers directly on linkedin, also you can apply directly with 1 tap for available jobs.

Friendly job portal, search with keywords, apply and wait for the response.

Become a brand:

Linkedin provides everything you need to become a brand yourself. You can share every detail of your professional life. Also you can write about things as articles on skills you are good at. Employer appreciates this when you show your work.

Why make a personal blog website when you can write on linkedin profile? Studies say there is high chance of getting job if you write what you are good at.

Google yourself:

Everything is on google when you search, why isn’t your name is on google? Making a good linkedin profile may lead your profile on google first page.

Google works with keywords so should your profile.

Using SEO on your profile on linkedin is more powerful than making your website and putting SEO on it.

Contacts, References:

There are so many sales jobs which require this thing to achive your targets. So linkedin provides easy platform to know more about your customer and making easy contacts.

You still write people’s emails or numbers? I am sorry mate you are not benefitting from linkedin then. Connect with people and interact on their posts and when the right time comes make a conenction.

Reference/Feedback/Recommendation of your collegues;

Now people can write a line or 2 about you as recommendation which adds points when you apply to some industry. It grabs the confidence of other person that you have been wonderful with your fellows and teams and you can give benefit to his business.


Research about companies sometimes is difficult but linkedin also made research easy. Wither go to company’s website or asking people to give you time to discuss about company. But on linkedin you can read so many things about company, their employees and their work.

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