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TVC battle Indian brand copies Pakistani ad

TVC battle,  Indian brand copies Pakistani ad!

In TVC Battle Many people copies ad from both Pakistan and India. Previously it was Pakistani ads which were inspired by Indian ad’s content. But recently noticed that Indian brand Big Bazaar copied 80% – 90 % ad from Pakistani Brand Seasons Canola.

Seasons Canola launched its TVC series in 2013 focusing on single sentence which is used in every home before cooking.

What to cook today?

This ad possesed a great success in world of advertising. It was accepted and acknowledged by many households.

Here is the ad of Seasons Canola;

On the other hand, Big Bazar The Indian bran, launched food cooking channel named as ‘Cook Along’.

They came up with the ad which is almost 99% copied to create awareness about their digital channel.

Here is the ad of Big Bazaar;

The insight in both Pakistani ad and Indian ad are same.

Well, good work done by Marketing team was to replace dialogues as below;

  • Pakistani ad; Aaj Kya Pakaen?
  • Indian ad; Aaj khaney mai kya hai?

The situation and activities are heavily inspired with minor changes.


Pakistani advertisers scored 1 and Indian on 0

Well it is a corporate world and this keeps happening, nothing is wrong in it. We must appreciate the work of Pakistani advertisers which is inspiring our fellows on the other side of the border.

On the other hand, there are many brands of Pakistan which copies our fellow country so this battle keeps on going, all we have to do is appreciate the work of other people as they must have put loads of effort to come up with that amazing content.

Although it is considered a proud moment for Pakistanis. Cheers!

It is not only happening between brands but we both countries are very good at copying movies, dramas and short films.

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