How to start blog and earn from it

How to start blog and earn from it?

I am writing this article based on my experience of This is going to be lengthy article so I want you to read complete if not complete just check out the major headings.

Please note that this is completely FREE of cost and my experience keeping Parhley in mind. This is step by step written tutorial to start a blog of your choice with beautiful design.

My name is Imran and I started blogging 5 years ago but due to lack of knowledge and other issues I could not start a blog which could pay me and bear my expenses.

Starting a blog may seem difficult but once you read this article you will say,

Dammmnn! That is so easy, what have I been doing all this time?

Your age does not matter here, be you are teenagers or in 70s, you can start with these simple steps. They say;

Learning from your own mistakes makes you good learner but learning from other people’s experiences will make you legend. So just take a deep breathe and step up to become legend.

Before moving towards the steps of how to start blog and earn from it, we need to discuss;

  • What is blog actually?
  • Is this right time to start blogging?
  • Why do you want to start a blog? (Mission)
  • Things you need to start blog website
  • How to be good content writer?

What is blog actually?

Blog is a website or a platform where you write on different topics, news and updates. There is 2 types of blog websites;

  • FREE (Free where you use google blogspot or wordpress)
  • PAID (Where you get your own domain and hosting

I recommend the second one, it hardly costs $20 – 30.

Is this right time to start blogging?

Well no time is better time than NOW. If you can not start now then you will stay there forever and say wish I could have started this years ago and today I would have been different.

Why do you want to start a blog? (Mission)

You need to know why do you need to start blogging and leave every other career. You need to have clear mission that you want to earn from it by sitting at home and should have passion to write.\

If you are not passionate this may feel hectic and difficult as it is very dry subject.

Things you need to start blog website:

  • Passion for writing
  • Website (Domain and Hosting)
  • Internet connection
  • Table and Chair

You are now ready to start blogging.

How to be good content writer?

  • Communicate with your reader as if s/he is sitting in front of you and want to listen to your story.
  • Connect the dots with customer so that he could listen complete story or read complete blog.
  • Provide solutions to their problems rather discussing problems.
  • Practice makes a man perfect, heard it yea? Do it. Write, Write and Write.

I have come up these steps to starting any blog and earn from it in near future.

  • Choose your niche (Step 1)
  • Name is important, Pick it wisely (Step 2)
  • Get Website (Step 3)
  • Make Social Profiles (Step 4)
  • Write your first post (Step 5)
  • FREE Marketing of your blog (Step 6)
  • Earn Money (Step 7)

Let’s discuss these steps one by one and how to do it.

Choose your niche (Step 1):

You need to understand on which thing you want to write, be it tech blog, news blog, fashion or travel blog or anything else.

This is mandatory as you will then know your user or visitor and this way you can write better and specific on specific topic.

How to choose niche?

Well ask yourself this, what interests you? What is that one thing that drives you crazy about blogging.

Name is important, Pick it wisely (Step 2)

When a baby is born, we name him or her and that goes for their lifetime, they are known and recognized by the names.

Take an example of brands.

How to name your blog?

Name should be easy to call, easy to remember and easy to share for your niche. So take this step wisely.

Get Website (Step 3)

Once you decided name, go to any domain/hosting provider and take domain as per your name, highly recommended.

If you named it as awesometravellers and you get domain of crazydrivers . com, you will loose your users rather than winning them and they will never visit your website.

Make Social Profiles (Step 4):

Make a fan page on Facebook, create a profile on insta, twitter and video account on youtube as you may change your mind and shift to making videos.

Write your first post (Step 5):

You are all set to start writing, so go ahead and write your very own first blog on your very own website. Let’s rush to make money online.

FREE Marketing of your blog (Step 6):

Share as much as you can. Share your posts on different groups, ask your friends and family to check your blog. Sharing is caring which means once you share your reach will increase and that is what google likes when it pays you.

Earn Money (Step 7):

Now you must be wondering once you write that post google will reach out to you and tell you that your are getting paid.

Trust me that is not this much easy, it takes minimum 6 months and years if your content is not worthy. Here is few tips to keep in mind;

  • Quality content drives traffic to your website.
  • The more the traffic is the more dollars you should expect.
  • Write regularly. Be consistent updating your web. People don’t like dead or old blogs. Everyone loves fresh.

How can you earn money?

  • Sell your own services on your website.
  • Post ads on your blog.
  • Make your own prodct and sell it like a store.
  • Google adsense
  • Referral programs.

Team Parhley is trying to provide the best tips and tricks for freelancers as we love sharing our story. Keep visiting for more posts on freelancing and earning online.

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