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Telenor trolling Zong and Jazz

Telenor trolling Zong and Jazz in Islamabad.

Trolling has become normal among competitors, be it social media campaigns or ads on billboards. After massive troll by Nayatel on PTCL.

Telenor’s troll has become viral on social media.

Telenor-4G - Telenor trolling Zong and Jazz in Islamabad and lahore - marketist - zong 4g - jazz 4g

Earlier on the road billboards it was competition between Jazz and Zong 4G, Telenor hit a sixer when they saw the empty space and placed their ad saying;

‘Naa Daein Naa Baein Seedha Telenor 4G Par Aaein’.

This is great marketing and ad catching millions of people’s thoughts on the creativity.

Telenor marketing team has done tremendous work, this is called mokey pe chauka by Telenor.

How could Jazz and Zong miss this thing?

There could be possible 2 scenairios;

  1. Telenor had rented that space and waited for right moment.
  2. Zong and Jazz did not notice that there is space between them.

Expectations are something better or lethal coming from Jazz and Zong.

Ad Review;

  • Such a great idea at the right moment.
  • Amazingly written tagline.
  • Everything is just perfectly planned.
  • 10/10 for this campaign.

Dear All, Please drive carefully. Someone is waiting for you at home for your returns. 


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