Property Websites in Pakistan

Top Property Websites in Pakistan

Are you looking to invest in real estate or property in Pakistan or you are looking for a plot where you could build your own house? This post is for you. I will share top property websites in Pakistan with details

Property Websites in Pakistan:

  • Zameen
  • Graana
  • Ilaan
  • Propertyfinder
  • Ammanat
  • HomePakistan
  • ApKaGhar
  • JaghaOnline

It is one of the pioneers in digital real estate business in Pakistan. It is very old and amazing thing about this is that everyone knows about it.

Loads of infrastructure and investments outside Pakistan has pushed Zameen to be number one property website in Pakistan.

Website shows following cool features to locate your desired plot and property;

  • Homes for buy and sell
  • Plots Residential and Commercial
  • Rental properties (including offices)
  • Area agents (Real estate brokers)
  • Real estate projects (with Location, featured and new features)

Another premium property website in Pakistan from Graana group. Owner of Graana is UK based Pakistani who came and invested in real estate sector and created such a great awareness of property to all the people who did not even had interest in property.

It is very famous due to it’s branding. Their website is very elegant designed. Have a look;

They also provide same features as zameen, 1 thing I have noticed if you invest in graana project they begin giving you profits. What is you say on it? Share in comments.


Another big name in the developing industry of Pakistan. You cannot put property without verification. They are famous for their verified properties for rent and buy & sell.


It’s owner is from Gujranwala City of Businesses. As the name says they help you find your property as per your requirements.

Others include;

  • Ammanat
  • HomePakistan
  • ApKaGhar
  • JaghaOnline
  • Jageerdar
  • SabzProperty
  • & Many Others.

Let us know in comments if we have missed any.

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