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Common Driving Mistakes we should avoid;

We as drivers should always avoid these Common Driving Mistakes even when we are confident that we got control over vehicle.

What are the top Common Driving Mistakes?

  • Over Speeding
  • Thinking Signals are useless
  • No seat belt
  • Using mobile

Remember there is very thin line between confidence and over confidence, so please be careful on roads to avoid accidents and having nightmares.

Over Speeding:

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You know many wise men sat on the table and decided those speed limits on the roads so that we could avoid over speeding but this is very common driving mistake we make when we see there is no vehicle near or road is completely empty.

So please put your control over your pedals and avoid speedy speed.

Thinking Signals are useless:

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Around 70-90% accidents on signal happens when we think the other side is empty and that vehicle is far away but in the moment of time you hit and boom.

Please remember:

Red Light means you have to STOP, no questions asked.
Yellow Light is kind of awareness signal.
Green Light is a Yes but look around then move.

Do not Put your vehicle on zebra crossing as it is for people who are on their legs, so take care of them,

No seat belt:

I have seen many people feel proud that they are not wearing seat belt, you should be ashamed that you are being irresponsible and stupid.

When you hit the break on high speed seat belt is the only safety which may save you from hitting dashboard with your head.

Start wearing belts in front of your child so that s/he could learn that as good thing.

Using mobile:

Look, your mind can focus on one thing, either road or mobile screen, you cannot focus on both.

Using mobile while driving means you are inviting accident to happen to you.

In modern cars there is blutooth facility, you can use that only only if you have emergency call else even that is against the law.

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