Google Maps were developed by Sindh Government

Google Maps were developed by Sindh Government?

Minister of IT department in Sindh government claims that they developed google maps and gave to google.

Video went viral and loads of Memers have woke up to troll Mr Taimur Talpur, before further a due let’s have a look at the video;

So, he is actually saying that FM 86 made by IT ministry of Sindh will tell you where is road block and he added further that they have made a system where you can see where is red line and where white line. Through this you can benefit,


Now let’s have a look at actual story of this;

Minister were discussing about protest against current government of PTI, if the traffic is block. I think what he meant was you can use google maps to see the traffic updates.

Actually he was criticizing the government but who knew that the words he chose will go like fire on petrol.

Google maps:

Google maps were actually developed by Google back in 2005 where you can see the world map, street addresses, 360 degree view of earth and lot more. It is all possible through satellite images.

It has become so advanced now that you can see the actual roads and traffic on it. The day is not far away when you may see live videos.

Well back to Sindh government’s troll. Please share your views in the comments below.

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