PSL 2020 Anthem Tayar hain

PSL 2020 anthem is top disliked anthem.

PSL 2020 anthem is most disliked anthem among all.

Above is the picture taken from official Youtube video of HBL PSL 2020 Anthem.

Even being on #3 on trending it is the most disliked video with 58K+ dislikes, on the other hand video has 80K+ likes.

Video has 2.2 million views and counting. Previous anthem by Fawad Khan and Young Desi had only about 20K dislikes with 11 million + views.

Read about PSL 2020 anthem “Tayar Hain”

As mentioned earlier cricket fans always look forward to 2 main things 1 is opening ceremony and other is anthem song.

Tayyar Hain is not well taken by PSL fans. Many of them are criticizing lyrics, others are saying about music and many have focused on number of singers in it.

Here is what Asim Azhar has to say in response of dislikes on youtube;

One thing is for sure, after the response to PSL 2020 anthem, Ali Zafar is being missed by many and to make it any better why not Ali Zafar come up with some cricket song on acoustic.

Did you guys hear that Mahira or Mehwish Hayat will be hosting opening ceremony of PSL 2020?
Well it is still a rumour, PCB has not confirmed it yet.

Tell us in comments whether you liked the video or you are one of the haters here?


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