PSL 2020 Anthem Tayar hain

PSL 2020 Anthem Tayar hain

PSL 2020 Anthem Tayar hain has been launched by PCB. It is sung by classic Arif Lohar, Young Asim Azhar, Golden Haroon and living legend Ali Azmat.

As mentioned in my previous post, PSL anthem is always most awaited. Here is PSL 2020 Anthem Tayar hain;

Official anthem has been sponsored by cricketers drink since the beginning, The Pepsi. It has been produced by Xulfi (Zulfiwar Jabbar Khan) and video directed by Kamal Khan (Laal Kabootar).

Feedback on Digital Media:

Well I thought it will be in trending with loads of positive comments but when I scrolled down, majority of people have said negative things and they did not appreciate the 4 Singers.

As per latest update on youtube video, it has 19K+ likes and 6K+ dislikes.

Many of them criticized that money has been wasted on such songs. Others said no anthem can beat the first anthem of Ali Zafar.

Here is the list of anthems of PSL 1 – 4

1st 3 was sung by Ali Zafar





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Here is the complete lyrics of the song;

Tayar hain, Tayar hain
Hum phir say josh dekhne ko
Utare hai hum

Medan mai phr say hosh jaagne ko (jaagne ko)

Ab rang jamay
Is khel mai
Per dil ka dil say mile ky
Ab dooriyan mitt janni hain
Ab khushiyon ko barth janne do

Tayyar Ho x 4
Tayyar hai x 3

Har team kay
Har fan ko
Bas jeet kay dil janna hai

Jtna bhi kar lay haad ko paar
Is ball ko pich per anna hai

Jo dharkaun ka saaz hai
Is jeet ka woh raaz hai

Jab jeena hai
Umeedon ko
Ataa hai jo bhi anne do (x 2)

Tayyar Ho (x 4)
Tayyar hai (x 3)

Are phir say josh dekhne ko
phir say josh jaagne ko

Tayyar hai (x 4)

Jab dharke sab dil sath sath
Phir jeet ho chahe maahat ho maahat

Kabhi din khely, kbhi raat raat
Na rang wang, na zaat paat

Aur khel agar aa gya match
Tu sab bacho ki aik baat

Tayyar hai (x 3)
Tayyar ho
Tayyar hai (x 4)


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