Buraq Taxi Service

Buraq Taxi Service

Buraq Taxi Service has been launched in 6 major cities of Pakistan.

What is Buraq Taxi Service?

This is online taxi service exactly like careem and uber. Buraq Taxi Service has been launched by chineese company Timesaco.

What makes Buraq better than careem and uber in Pakistan?

In careem and Uber driver gets around 75% of the earnings whereas in Buraq driver will get 97% earnings from any ride.

Company will save 2% for themselves and remaining 1% will be re invested to provide multiple facilities to the drivers who will be ultimate employees of Timesaco.

With this 1% company is forming drivers club and facilities include health and education to the families of the drivers.

Also there is no peak factor and no extra charges on wait or any other thing.

How can we download Buraq?

You can download it from Google play store. Unfortunately it is unavailable on Apple’s App Store.

Where will Buraq work:

Initially it is launched in major cities including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Peshawar.

Company also plans to go urban cities of Pakistan too but it will happen in near future.

Appointed Chief Operating Officer Donald Li said;

Company will offer 10% discounts on all rides specially moving towards educational or health institutes.
Later they will introduce special packages for students, army officials and teachers.

He also said people who own bikes, cars, rickshaws, qinqi and truck loaders can register themselves and earn in many different ways.

As per Mr Li, company has invested 20 million dollars keeping future prospect of 600 million dollars in mind,

Registering as drivers is also made easy, no car inspection or registration fee.

Timesaco and Tatu in Pakistan:

Timesaco is ready to introduce “Tatu Mobility”, a transportation infrastructure network in Pakistan.


Here is the list of services Timesaco is providing:

  • Fema (Instant Delivery System)
  • Cargo+
  • Tatu (Taxi Service,”Buraq”)
  • Adwheel (Movind ads on the behicles)
  • Help+ (Item Delivery service, you purchase Timesaco delivers)

If this service succeeds customer will enjoy more due to competition in the market, also it will reflect positive response in Pakistani economy.

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