Online Market – Pakistan | Buy, Sell & Inquire.

Online Market in Pakistan:

As the world is moving faster and after the horrible pendamic these days, Pakistani buyers has shifted t online shopping.

The online shopping has increased massively these days. On the other hand, many have taken their businesses to next level which is online.

To support all these sellers, business owners and freelancer Mr Shayan has come up with an online market.

Online Market – Pakistan | Buy, Sell & Inquire.


For now it is a FB group with aim to gather all the sellers and buyers at single platform.

You can buy, sell, discuss and get reviews.

Who is the owner/admin:

Shayan and Shaharyar.

Is it another spammy group where most people share stupid stuff which could be anything politics, shairi, flirting etc?

No. This group has strict policy on removing, banning and deleting posts by user. If you find any post just report to admin and it will be deleted.

Does this group has a plan to have website in future?

Yes for sure. Just support by joining and adding your friends to the group and surely you will find some amazing stuff in near future.

Who is Shayan?

Shayan is an SEO expert by profession and started this group as 1st step and it will become next big platform of Pakistan in future.

Why Parhley is writing about some Facebook group?

Team Parhley supports and appreciates new startups, if you are new user let me tell you that we have been writing about new startups all the time.

Find startups here; Click.

On the other hand we previously wrote about local startups who sells Saqqafati hand made products, read;

If you know any startup and want team parhley to write about it, inbox us on Facebook and we shall write detailed blog.

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