Sindh Government launches android app for students in Sindh.

Sindh Government launches android app for students in Sindh.

Sindh Government launches android app:

Due to increase in cases of covid’19 on daily basis and deaths due to it, Saeed Ghani who is current Sindh Education Minister says it is impossible to open schools and other educational institutes.

It also seems that schools and colleges are not opening after eid.

He said in his press conference that;

We are not in a position to open education institutes in Sindh, and even if we do, parents will not take the risk to send their children to attend schools and colleges.

He addressed that currently we have no alternatives of education, although Sindh School and College education department has come up with an android app which will help students to learn basic schooling.

Initially this app is for all the students from KG to Class V. App will offer 3 subjects’ lessons;

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Sindhi

He also added;

Similar educational reforms will soon be implemented through cable operators and FM radio.

This is appreciable step taken by education ministry to save our children from getting into pandemic.

But this is just 1 perspective of education minister, let me focus on the other one,

Sir, what about those students who do not have smart phones, internet is far away thing. How have you planned to cater that?

I hope we come up with better solution for all those students because every child deserves schooling not only who owns smart phones.

This pandemic is going to be nightmare for all those people who cannot afford 2 waqt ki roti and we have planned online education for them.

Sad reality.

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If you are educated person and stuck in some village please educate children around you. We shall pass this too InshaAllah.

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