China in Action, China to put ban on Apple, Qualcomm and Boeing.

China in Action, China to put ban on Apple, Qualcomm and Boeing.

China in Action:

Chineese famous bran Huawei is again banned in US, so China now has decided to ban 3 companies in china too in response.

Since that ban on Huawei, China cannot sell many of it’s softwares and hardwares and people around the world are shifting to alternatives which is quite thinkable situation for chineese brands.

Rumour is that China is planning to hit all those international specifically US brands which are highly dependant on the people of China.

It includes top names including;

  • Apple
  • Qualcomm
  • Boeing

This is just rumours in the market not confirmed news but here is what Chinese Minitsyr of Foreign is doing, they are preparing the list of unreliable entity which includes;

Foreign organizations, individuals and companies that block or shut supply chains, or take discriminatory measures for non-commercial reasons, whose actions endanger the business of Chinese companies as well as global consumers and companies.

All the entities will face legal and administrative measures. Their own people will be warned against these too.

On the other hand, previously we saw the news that Huawei is already using it’s own OS (Harmony OS) in phones, laptops, smart TVs etc.

Read here on Techonclick:

As far as Unreliable entity list is concerned we shall update you time to time.

Now let’s have a look on the impact of the ban;

First Google asked Huawei not to use android and now US stopped banned Huawei. US is doing nothing but creating potential competitor in the market which may hit hard to US companies.

OS Harmony may be new but remember android was once new too and now leading the world so You never know next top OS will be Harmony.

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