LUMS to LUMSU! Are you also wondering what is the story behind it? Read below to know complete information.

LUMS is one of the best and top management universities in Pakistan and also well known internationally. LUMS is the abbreviation of Lahore University of Management Sciences.

Recently LUMS students and other faculty members received an email from the top management of the university that they have changed the name of university, new name will be Lahore University of Management Sciences University, later students began abbreviated as LUMSU.

Here is the reason of changing name given by management;

LUMS is not limited to management sciences programs, so that is necessary to acknowledge other programs in the top institute.

Currently university is offering 30+ under grad and grad programs.

Yes does not sound right!

LUMSU was on trending and many people put criticism that this is not good.

Here is what people had been saying on twitter;

” Slept as LUMS student, woke up as LUMSU one.”

“Make it Lahore University of Management Sciences University in Lahore just so there is no room for confusion.”

LUMSU? Sounds like A nickname for a teenager who’ll do nothing in life.”

” ‘Lahore University of Management Sciences’ RENAMED to ‘Lahore University of Management Sciences University’, and people think 2020 will be productive. From LUMS to LUMSU.”

Here is what we think;

I do not know what decision makers have been thinking about the name change, they just added the word university knowing that this word already exists in the name.

Indeed this is weird to know such bingo from well known institute. Lets hope for all the people who are going to be LUMSU-Nite.

I personally think that they should have come up with the idea of poll, may be they would have found better options.

Please let us know in comments what do you think of the name change.

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