Chai Wala Biskut ad

Chai Wala Biskut ad review

Chai Wala Biskut by Bisconni is latest product made for chai (TEA) Lovers.

We have all seen that brands and cinemas in our region are going back in time, using old content and songs into new ads or movies.

This is the time where desis are given more importance than ever.

Bisconni is not the first company using some old truck saying or truck art in their ad. Many others have used in their ads time by time.

2020 has begun with Desi touch for chai lovers as Bisconni have launched Chai Wala Biskut.

What it is Biskut and why not biscuit?

For all those burger boys and girls, who haven’t been to dhabas at all, let me tell you that many Desis pronounce Biscuit as Biskut. Well most of the times bunch of friends use as slang on dhabas.

Its too mainstream to use biscuit these days when you can enjoy tea with biskuts.

Coming back to ad review:

Truck art on the wrappers and truck shairi in the ad is a great touch to our culture and it is more like binding east with west.

Ad starts with bunch of art students who come in bus in the area which is rich in our culture, the bus driver is none other than beautiful Kubra Khan. There we find Ahsan Khan who picks 2 cups of tea from waiter and gets to Kubra Khan and she dips biskut I mean biscuit.

Check Out the video:

Well the famous quote written on trucks;

Dekh Magar Pyar se,

Now Bisconni used this in own words;

Chai Wala Biskut Duba, Magar Pyar se.


Product is normal made of milk and egg, nothing surprising or new. Only new thing which has made this ad trending is the concept of connection between we and our culture.

Ad Review:
  • Chai and Biscuit is our national combo and this ad has made this very clear with good concept. Connection is very much appreciated as this leaves positive impact on customers.
    Now next time I will go to market and surely consider this biscuit for guests.
  • Packaging is nicely done with beautiful art.
  • All you need an idea to boom your sales in the world of marketing and Bisconni has captured a good market.
  • I would give 9/10
    • Visuals are amazing.
    • Audio is worth remembering.
    • Ofcourse the actors are quite famous.

Well I tried biskut, did you? Let Us know in comments.

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