Carfirst Pakistan

Carfirst Pakistan

Carfirst Pakistan is emerging tech startup after pakwheels which deals in cars. They buy your car at good prices and sell them to the highest bidder.

Ever wondered I should just drop the car and get paid? Well carfirst has made that possible. All you have to do is set an appointment with them and visit their offices near to you, get your car inspected, have quote, sell, and get paid.

About Carfirst Pakistan:

It all started with an idea of selling used cars via auction like mostly car dealers purchases from Japanise auction websites. Its more of an auction business and it has no competition for now in the market of Pakistan.

It founded by Mr Murad as co founder and CEO with just 2 employees in the beginning back in December 2016. But now they have been operating in all major cities of Pakistan at 35+ locations.

After this website, selling a car has become hassle free, days have gone when we used to visit multiple car dealers. Who used to give least amount, wasted time and energy explaining and bargaining. It is now easy than ever.

Here is how they work;
  • Car owner visits website and set an appointment.
  • S/He visits carfirst’s location.
  • They inspect thoroughly and check every bit of details.
  • Take pictures and share complete details on their live auction website where dealers and companies are sitting to bid.
  • Once the bid is final they tell the car owner the worth of the car.
  • They do some legal documentation.
  • Car owner gets paid on the spot.
  • Deal done.

Well someone I know had a wagon R, he put a shout out on the facebook if any of his friend was interested in buying his car, few of them contacted, visited IG Motors Islamabad too.

IG Motors Islamabad does not give right price of the car. Finally he visited car1st and sold the car on the spot and did not give 2nd thoughts because he was getting the right amount.

As per him, he would 8/10 numbers to car1st. You must be wondering why 2 numbers are missing? Well it is because they do not have legal documents like stamp paper or sale deed. although they provided the printed copy and letter head.

Sell your car to friends first, if you don’t get the desired amount then car1st is the best option available in the market.

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