Lipton New advertising campa, Jaagein Un Kay Liye Jo Waqai Aham Hainign

Lipton New advertising campaign

Lipton New advertising campaign comprises of lovely and sweet relationships.

Well, in race of life we have forgotten the most important people of life FAMILY and FRIENDS. Most of us have prioritized work over family even children. We work and when come back home, we bring office at home too.

Think for once, when was last time you turned off mobile phone so that you could not get calls from office and play with children and spend wuality time with your FAMILY.

We prioritize our daily meeting but we forget to prioritize important people who are dependent and look forward to us.

Do you remember the last time you chased down your daughter or son and played with them, board game or any other physical activity which makes them smile and happy?

Well, this is not a motivational blog or story but this is all about realization which has come up because of recent advertising campaign of Lipton.

Let’s watch ad here and we will talk about it later below;

Well like in every house, baby girl, holding teddy bear running front and chased by her father, on the other hand her mother is looking at them. Baby is so happy and cherishing the moments with her father, all of sudden phone rings and it is none other than OFFICE.

Father picks up the call and open up the laptop presentation, while Baby girl becomes sad. Lastly mother gives tea to father and after one sip, he realises the importance of her and switch off the phone and carry on playing.

Ever wondered these brand will remind you such big mistakes and make you remember the brand name. Well after this you may also switch off your phone.

What does ad say?

Jaagein Un Kay Liye,
Jo Waqai Aham Hain

Meaning: Wake up for those, who are very important.

Ad review:

I would give 10/10 because of following things;

  • The message and the idea is heart touching and related to daily life.
  • I will always remember the idea and brand name when such things will happen in my home and around.
  • Video and visuals are eye catching.

What are your views on this campaign let Parhley know in comments.

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