Unfortunate news: our passport is 4th worst

Unfortunate news: our passport is 4th worst passport to hold in this year 2020.

We Pakistanis have so many internal issues be it political or economical. We have been facing these phalanges for long.

In recent index of Henly Passport Index, our passport has been ranked 4th worst in the world.

In the index Henly Passport Index has listed down the best passports to hold in 2020. They have marked them on the map and mentioned list of all countries alongside.

You can visit their website.

Well, Japan has marked their position as the best passport in globe, they are offering visa on arrival or free visa to almost 191 countries in the world.

On the other hand, unfortunately Pakistan has ranked 104th which is the 4th worst in the list.

Here is the list of 10 best and least liked passports;

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The number in front of all countries shows the number of visa free or visa on arrival countries for any passport. We (Pakistani) can only visit 32 countries which are easily accessible and we can visit and get visa on arrival or visa free.

So you must be wondering on what basis they have ranked these passports, I am wondering the same.

Let me tell you this in details;

They rank on the basis of number of destinations one passport holder can visit on prior visa. Means if you have Japan’s visa you can visit and get visa on arrival but in case of Pakistan you have to go through long processes and queues.

They collect data from IATA (International Air Transport Association) officials.

How to improve it?

Our government officials can play vital role in this to make our green passport more worthy. We have to make strong links with other countries and give them confidence about our people (Pakistanis).

We as international visitors or immigrants can also play our part by showing the world community that we are better people.

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