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Kitkat ad vs cigarette

Kitkat ad shows that sugar is better than nicotine.

Kitkat ad has targeted the best people who take breaks for smoking at their work places. They are saying that why take the regular break where you can have the break you need.

Well lets talk about the breaks in offices, when you get tired or when your boss share his love for you, you straight go to washroom or the place where you can smoke. It does not apply to males only but females also smoke big time.

Kitkat ad marketing team came up with the idea that they need people to stop smoking and make habitual of sugar/sweet. Here is how they have designed their ad;

You can clearly see that they have defined which break you should take.

Well here is how they can be successful in their branding;

  • Choclate is sweeter than cigarette.
  • It does not cause any cancer.
  • consume little and exercise, means easy to digest.

On the other hand they have received mixed comments on their social media;

comments on kit kat

Here is what Marketist has to say;

Loved the campaign and the idea. Great way to influence people not to smoke but eat good.

“You can gift chocolate to your loved ones but you cannot give cigarettes as gift.”

I would give 9/10 to the idea of marketing and 10/10 in designing.

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