adidas million shoes from plastic

Adidas to produce million shoes from plastic available in oceans.

Adidas to produce million shoes from plastic available in oceans.

Adidas million shoes from plastic is a great project by one of the leading shoe brand around the globe.

As we all  know plastic has taken over us and now entering in seas. As per experts in next thirty years, plastic will take over fish in our oceans. It means we will be eating plastic at the place of fish.

Another study shows that approximately 90% of sea birds have consumed waste generated by plastic.

Increase in plastic has become environmental issue and there are may brands which are up for help to solve the issue. Adidas has stepped in and announced that they will create 11 millions pairs of shoes from recycled plastic taken from oceans.

This is great step by the giant shoe wear company to clean the water and help seabirds to have better environment.

Parly is the brand partner of Adidas in this, they will help gather plastic before it even hits to oceans.

Adidas plans to produce this much amount in 2019 which is double of produced pairs in 2018.

Adidas has also shared how these shoes will be made from plastic, watch;

We as pakistani also facing such issues, this government has played vital role by banning plastic in Islamabad and Sindh government also announced to stop the usage of plastic.

Adidas has played their role to make this environment a better place, what are you doing to make it better? Please tell us in comments so that we could write a story about you too.

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