How to watch Ehd-e-wafa drama online?

How to watch Ehd-e-wafa drama online?

Days have gone when we had to download the heavy files on IDM or torrent. Now many things are available on youtube for FREE. Watch Ehd-e-wafa drama online FREE on youtube.

As this is Pakistan Military Drama you can watch complete episodes for FREE on their youtube channel.

Youtube channel link:

And here is the playlist where you can find complete episodes of the drama:

About Ehd-e-wafa drama:

Edh-e-Wafa is a story of 4 friends who meet at college in murree and end up with different careers, 1 as Army Officer, other as Politician, 3rd as CSS Officer (AC- Assistant Commissioner) and last as TV anchor.

It has one other major character who is from some village, He is very funny and loving character of the drama.

With all this they had different story in the drama. It began in September 2019 and its last episode is to be aired in this week.

Total Episodes of the Ehd-e-wafa drama?

Total episodes of the TV serial is 24.

This drama has been trending for many reasons, few of them are;

  • It is Pakistan Military drama, which makes it emotional and patriotic.
  • Friendship of four friends who have ups and downs but at the end they are together.
  • It is romantic comedy too.
  • Last, they have reminded us the 27th Abhinandan’s dialogue. Fantastic Tea.

More about the drama:

It has been aired on Hum TV. More:

Ehd-e-wafa drama final episode to hit cinema screens before it will be aired on televisions

Well if you have not watched it yet, go to above given links and enjoy the drama.

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