How to earn on TikTok?

How to earn on TikTok?

How to earn on TikTok? It is easy but lengthy procedure.

To know about how to earn on tiktok, please read complete blog.

Tiktok is a china based company, it is an app where you can make small videos of 15 secods, 30 seconds, 60 or 90 seconds. There is the list of people who got famous from Tiktok and now has become digital stars in Pakistan.

You may have thought this once, why people are crazy about it? What they get in return?

Well it is about fame and fame gets you loads of money.

There is my friend who started on tiktok now makes money on youtube by making regular vlogs.

First you have to make multiple videos so that you could increase number of followers and views on your tiktok videors, then you can start earning. Here is the top ways to earn big time on tiktok:

  • Promoting brands
  • Start your own fashion brand
  • Tiktok promotions
  • Starting youtube channel
  • Blog website

Promoting brands

Brands always look gorward to growing social media stars for promoting their brands. As Tiktok is moving upward to make their place in top 10 in world ranking, brands may look up for branding on this app.

If you have handsome followers and views you may be the one for their upcoming marketing campaign.

Start your own fashion brand

Not only tiktok but if you have some good followers on social media, you can always start your own fashion brand and start slow.

It is great way as you have your customers waiting for what you are going to offer. All you have to do is design your product and start promoting on your tiktok or other social media.

Tiktok promotions

Many new tiktokers pay to existing tiktokers who have millions of followers so that they could also be promoted in low expenses.

It is called cross promotion, which means promotion of the fellow on the same platform.

Starting youtube channel

As mentioned my friend’s history you can move to the world best monetization platform youtube and bring all your followers there to watch your videos and start earning from your youtube channel.

Blog Website:

For earning on website you need readers and users who could visit your website and you make $ from advertisers.

You can partner with someone who has already a website or manages it or you can start your own.

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