how to make your boss happy

how to make your boss happy!

Ever wondered to solve mysteries? here is this mystery if you are professional doing a job, how to make your boss happy.

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Here is how;

  • Show up in office before he arrives and welcome him in the office.
    • You are newbie? Trust me this works a lot.
  • Appreciate him for his achievements, new dress, tie or anything.
    • JUST DO IT.
  • Whenever s/he calls you to discuss anything, always bring the pen and paper without him/her saying it.
    • Newbie? Always carry paper and pen along as s/he will think that you really want to work and learn things around.
  • Meeting new geeks, always introduce yourself and ask them their role and write it down to memorize it and also their contact details be it email, mobile number or extension.
  • Well, being human you must learn how to say Thanks.
    • Say it.
    • Give good gesture.
    • Offer something to eat or drink
    • Gift
  • Show up to boss and ask how s/he doing and where they have been if they do not see you around for few days.
  • Update.
    • Update your boss everytime and every day. No matter how small the task was given to you.
    • Show him/her that you have been working on it.
  • Always take things in email on you workplace.
    • It maintains a record.
    • People do it on priority as it is sent written.
    • You will have proof that you asked or updated.
  • Do not compare your old job with new one.
    • Wait for suggestions till you are credible and listened to or know everyone.
    • Use “We can” rather “We should.
  • Always ask people if they need your help.
    • Even you cannot do it, just offer sometime people need people’s verbal support.
  • Why not maintain to do list?
    • This tells your boss that you prioritize things.
  • You got appreciation? You gotta inform your boss about it.
    • Getting too many appreciation, ask your boss if you could tell him so that he could not get annoyed.
  • Every Boss has a boos. Meet them and introduce yourself and your work.
  • Keep important things on your desk.
    • What make mess?
  • Keep a follow up on your boss’s mood.
    • Ask things accordingly.
    • Humans always have ups and downs in moods.
  • Just keep a good relation so that one day if  you are late, you could tell your boss that you may get late to office due to personal commitment.
  • Meeting are important specially if you are asked for it.
    • Do not take food in there.
    • Try to serious and focused.
  • Take care of your co workers.
    • Don’t put weigjhts by telling your problems. You deal with them yourself.
  • Do not make other departments follow you. Complete your work before them asking.
  • Be careful with your choice of clothing.
  • Always tell your boss that you have come up with idea, tell him and send email right away and keep follow ups.

Million Dollar Tip:

(Do it – No questions asked.)

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