How to introduce yourself?

How to introduce yourself if you do not know the other person.

We meet lots of people on daily basis but fail to stay in touch with them or make them remember you. You know friends of friends of friends but when you need someone in specific field but you fail to find a contact. In this article I will try to tell you things how to introduce yourself so that you could call them up and get your work done.

  • Always tell people your name and what you do.

    • Eg: If you are meeting with a friend of friend. Hi, Ali, I work in XYZ and you? If s/he is interested or open to stay in touch with you, they will reply back and tell you your desired answer.
  • Nowadays Facebook and Linkedin has made life easier to find right people.

    • Always try to find those people on these 2 networks.
    • Use Facebook to stay as friend and like or comment appreciation on their posts.
    • Use Linkedin to stay in touch as professional, and support them what they say by giving thumbs up.
  • After adding on above medias, send them message like;

    • Hey, this is Ali, we met at xyz place with my friend. How are you doing? or Whats up?
    • If s/he replies, you have made social circle wider if they dont. Leave them.
  • Tell them about events you go on and meet them and their friends.

Why we should do it?

This article is for all those people who think widening social circle is difficult. If you try all these above things, you will not have problem finding a job when you are fired or when you need to get things done.

Larger circle makes tasks easy. Also you get to learn many things from people of different backgrounds.

Please tell me in comments if you find these things helpful.

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