Driving License in Islamabad

How to get Driving License in Islamabad?

Driving License in Islamabad is considered way more difficult to get in Pakistan.

Driving License in Islamabad has now become easy. Always do your homework before going for any certificate or license in Pakistan because you never know how many times they will ask you to do this and that.

Well I will take you through all major steps to follow, this is my personal experience.

Documents needed at the time of licence issue;

    • Original NIC (You must be resident of Pakistan)
      • It is mandatory that your current address is of Islamabad on the NIC else You are not eligible to apply for driving license of Islamabad.
    • Crossed photocopy of you ID card.
    • Health certificate (Medical fitness Certificate) is better. (PS they also test the eyes on the spot).

Address and timings;

ITP (Islamabad Traffic Police) Office is located in sector F-8, it is on the opposite side of F-9 park.

Timings: Monday to Friday (Saturday and Sundays are Off.)

9 AM to 1 PM – Lunch & Namaz Break – 2 PM to 5 PM

As this is one famous spot in the city and it is very crowded, approximately 600 applicants come on daily basis.

The early the better, people start coming from 7 AM, so go before time so that you could be free at time. You should have all the necessary documents mentioned above at 1st visit to get the learner’s license.

Info: ITP issues around 150 licenses per day.

Learner License:

Now that you know, movind towards, when you enter you get the token, wait for it, when it is called, they will verify the details and issue you the learners licence. After that you will have to take an hour long class which is actually a lecture on traffic rules.

Once this is done, you will be given 6 weeks time to show up for driving test.

Permanent License:

Once you have learnt how to drive a car, you will have to show up at the ITP headquarter for test.

Same steps, get the token, wait for your turn, they will take your picture and your finger prints. Give your theoritacl test on the screen.

How to pass theory test;

You have to get atleast 70% which means you need to give 7 right answers from 10.

Now the best part of ITP is they have theme roads, and you have to move forward and reverse the car.

Once you have passed the test, warden signed it, you will go to submit the form at the window. They will tell you when to get the license.

Days have gone when you had to wait for days and days now you can get in just 1 day or 48 hours max.

Few additioknal things I want to share here;

  • Now they give Auto car license and Manual car license so prepare accordingly.

Pro Tip: Never try to be Superman and reverse car by viewing at mirrors, chances are you will fail. So play it and reverse by looking back from.


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