Traffic Rules of Pakistan

Traffic Rules of Pakistan

Traffic rules of Pakistan are as difficult as there in other parts of the world.

Whether you live in Pakistan or you are on visit visa in Pakistan, you can drive car only if you have license. For license you need to know all the rules of Pakistani traffic law.

Before moving further I must tell you why am I writing this article? Because when I started to learn driving, my trainer told me how and when to hit the break or clutch but he did not tell me details of sign boards. I learnt driving, how to run it fast but I lacked the info of signs.

Now in Pakistan, there are so many driving schools but how many are registered with our traffic department, no one knows.

Following are the major things to keep in mind when it come to traffic rules in Pakistan;
  • License if the 1st thing before moving on the road. You must be 18 years old to get 1.
  • Do not drive when you are high on drugs.
  • Seat belt is like an helmet in the car.
  • Do not listen to calls or send messages while driving. Other words do not use phone.
  • Use headlight wisely.
  • Always stop when traffic warden asks you to stop.
  • Majority cars have right steering. It means steering are available on the right side of the car.
  • It is recommended to always drive on the left side of the road.
  • You must see these white lines on the road which means they separate the lanes.
  • The lanes which are partially painted or broken tell you that you can move from one lane to another.
  • If the road is 2 way there must be 1 solid line which means do not change the lane and stay in the same lane.
  • Yellow is very important color in traffic.
  • Always look for pedestrians, always wait and let them cross first. Same goes with cycles and school buses.
  • Always look behind while changing the lane.
  • Always take care of your right side. The people on the right side has first right to move.
  • Respect the signals.

Watch for traffic signal;

  • Green = Go
  • Yellow = Slow Down
  • Red = Stop
  • Blinking yellow says to watch out and move accordingly.

Road Signs;

  • Parking
    • P if for parking.
  • No Parking Sign.
    • There must be cross on P. P
  • Railroad crossing means train tracks.
  • Speed limit sign
    • They are for our safety.
    • They are there to tell us how much speed we can drive on.
  • One way or 2 way sign.

Bonus tip: Did you know that horn is prohibited in Pakistan from 11 PM to 7 AM.

Alaways pay toll taxes if not, do not worry the police will follow themselves. lol

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