stay home Coronavirus updates in Pakistan

Coronavirus updates in Pakistan

| Coronavirus updates in Pakistan. | Covid19 updates in Pakistan. |
Here is the list of the updates happening in Pakistan due to CoronaVirus-covid19.|

Massive increase of covid cases in Punjab:

Steps of Shah Sahb on the issue have been appreciated around the world even WHO said CM of Sindh has taken wise steps. Unfortunately on the other hand there is massive increase in cases in Punjab.
Who to blame? Current CM who did not even know how corona bites. Stay Safe.

CM Sindh Murad Shah orders to create 14 CCUs around Sindh.

Another good proactive approach. Thank you Sir, where were you?

Life is getting normal in Wuhan

China has decided to lift up the locked down in the complete Wuhan as new cases have lowered down and existing are getting recovered.

Sindh Government issued notification that no employee will loose their jobs.

Good news for employees in Sindh.

Tweet updates today;


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