Importance of freelancing in 2020

Importance of freelancing in 2020

Importance of freelancing in 2020 is something we people should discuss as what would people do while sitting at home to earn some passive income.

Freelancing in 2020 is expected to be number one profitable job people would enjoy this year. As well all know there is locked down in almost every country of the world.

Here are 2 perspective;

  1. Importance of freelancing for employers
  2. Importance of freelancing for freelancers

Importance of freelancing for employers:

  • Hire skills not people
  • Saves lots of cost
  • Workplace complications
  • Full time hectic
  • Can earn from many things.

Importance of freelancing for freelancers:

  • I am a Boss at my own company
  • Vacations on own will
  • You learn skill not dirty corporate culture
  • Can manage everything
  • Monday no more
  • Earn as much as you want
  • Decision maker

Let’s discuss these in details now;

For Employers;

Hire skills not people:

Being an employer why would I go for hiring a person and training him for a specific job, it may become headache and you may need to hire HR department or some HR company to offer you these services of hiring a team.

On the other you can find an skilled person with 5 star on freelance website like fiver and upwork.

Saves lots of cost

Hiring procedure is one hell of a job. It is costly as you will be spending a lot on;

  • Job ad posting
  • Interviewing (Tea/Coffee/Other things needed during interviews)
  • Salary expenses
  • Promotions
  • Health/insurance expenses
Workplace complications:

You do not need to rent a workplace when you can hire a freelancer on website and get the job done. No more handling time wasting issues and making 10 pages policy for your startup.

Full time hectic:

Do not go to office at 9 AM and waste time in meeting and greeting where you can work from cafe while having breakfast and get your work done by a freelancer.

Can earn from many things:

Once you can manage delegating work, you can have as many customer as you wish and sell as many services as you want.

Now come to Freelancer point of view;

I am a Boss at my own company:

What do you do for your expenses? Sir, I am a Boss at my own company. This answer feels good and you can give this in 2 cases one if you freelance and second if you own a business.

Vacations on own will:

Ah Man, I am getting bore. Let’s go on vacation. You cannot say if you are at job because you will have to approve your leaves first.

You learn skill not dirty corporate culture:

Corporate culture eats you alive sometimes, it cannot make you a level high because it stucks you in politics of favoritism and many other things.

Can manage everything:

You can manage everything from paying bills of your home to taking your aunt to hosp.

Monday no more:

Everyday is freelance day. You don’t get a tension of Monday in freelancing.

Earn as much as you want:

You wanna earn $10 just grab a single task and you target to achieve $100K then you will grab multiple projects and work.

Decision maker:

You can take decisions of what to do and what not to.

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