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13 Pakistani Movies in 2020

13 Pakistani Movies in 2020 by Cinema PK.

Now Cinema PK has improved movies in previous years now it is ready to set new records in this year 2020.

After massive hits of 2019;

  • SherDil
  • Parey Hat Love
  • SuperStar
  • Baji
    • etc

We have list of movies which are about to release this year;

  1. Abhinandan Come On
  2. Quaid e Azam Zindabad
  3. London Nahi Jaungi
  4. The legend of Maula Jatt
  5. Bhaag Bhootni k
  6. Gawah Rehna
  7. Half Fry
  8. Hue Tum Ajnabi
  9. Ishrat – Made in China
  10. Jugnu
  11. Kahay Dil Jidhar
  12. Lafangay
  13. Sorry Baba

Well List does not stop here, there will be more but these are the most awaited movies in 2020

Abhinandan Come On:

After Balakot Airstrike incident and Tea is fantastic, Indian movie actor Vivek Oberoi announed that he will be making a movie on IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan, as he is known as war hero in India.

Response to this Pakistan’s famous writer is ready to write a comedy movie on the incident. Well, this is going to be some exciting thrill in the Cinema Industry of both countries.

Quaid e Azam Zindabad:

Now as the name suggests that this is going to be some patriotic movie. Mahira Baji has been great in cinema for sometime now. After success of Superstar and Actor in Law Mahira Khan is ready to show her talent in the upcoming movie of Nabeel Qureshi along with fahad Mustafa.

London Nahi Jaungi

Remeber Punjab Nahi Jaungi? London Nahi Jaungi is going to be sequel of Punjab Nahi Jaungi. News is this movie will be released on Eid Ul Azha 2020.

Romantic Comedy and a family movie.

Previously female actor role was played by Mehwish Hayat but for London Nahi Jaungi it is not decided yet.

Mehwish Hayat, Humayun Saeed to star in ‘London Nahi Jaungi’

The legend of Maula Jatt

Well trailer was released in 2019, waiting for final date of release.

The movie has very famous cast including Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi.

As Hamza has left the industry as per his video released earlier, following questions have raised;

  • Is movie already shoot?
  • Will Hamza be showing in the movie?
  • Is movie release delay is due to Hamza’s decision?
  • Well lets wait for further update on this.

Bhaag Bhootni k

If we decide the movie genre by name then this movie is going to be comedy. This has also Mahira and Fawad along with Junaid Akhtar (Actor from Pari).


Gawah Rehna

This is going to be related to histroy connected with British Colonial Era.

Half Fry

Couple Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz will be shinning on screen togather in 2020 in movie Half Fry. This is going to be action movie.

Director has also worked in scary movie kataksha.

Hue Tum Ajnabi


Ishrat – Made in China



This is story of a boy who loves goats and tensed relation with his mother.

Kahay Dil Jidhar

Actor and Singer Junaid Khan will be starring in this movie.


Well, Pakistani cinema has not many movies of this genre. This movie is a horror comedy.

Sorry Baba


This is going to be debut of Naseem Vicky, as per the news this is punjabi comedy movie produced and directed by Naseem himself.

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