How much can you earn from youtube?

How much can you earn from youtube?

How much can you earn from youtube? This is the question everyone wants to know before starting any youtube channel.

Here I am going to answer not because I have earned from it but I  have seen people earning from it. I will share some examples to motivate you to start your youtube channel.

In the beginning it was very easy to earn from youtube but now here are few conditions they have put to earn from it;

  • Your channel must have 1000+ subscribers (The people who subscribe to get your content on regular basis)
  • 4000+ watch hours (It is calculated on each video, total watch time should be minimum 4000+ hours)
  • Content should not be copied. (Google and youtube bots are as smart as you.)

Now the question; how much can you earn from youtube?

Well, it all depends on your content. Earnings start from $1 to $millions. All you have to do is to make catchy content which could keep viewer to watch your complete videos and ads in between.

Youtubers run their families on the earnings from youtube. There are so many youtube stars in Pakistan who have earned enough to have a car, well structured house in Bahria Town.

What else could you need?

How to start a youtube channel?

  • All you need is an gmail email ID
  • Sign up on youtube
  • Upload your 1st video
  • Share it to increase views and subscribers.
  • Start earning when your channel is eligible to monetize.

Here is the list of Pakistani youtube stars who earn from youtube;

If you got skill, camera phone and content then what are you waiting for? What is stopping you to earn online in Pakistan?

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