Apology cures the ebbing relations

Apology cures the ebbing relations

Man might get pleasure out of hurting others, good get pleasure forgiving them but to our judgment we do not hold ourselves guilty as charged. We are sensitive to our feelings concerned to our matters and often hurt others. There are few who realize their mistake sooner than later and amends their conduct whereas majority believes “they got what they deserved”, a slow poison to relations. An apology can be the antidote.

Prosperity makes us forget the rest but in adversity we often get time and vision to our mistakes, wrong doings to others. Our own sufferings open our eyes to the miseries of others we caused.  The pain and agony of getting hurt is intolerable. The effects of getting hurt can be devastating to our heart and soul. It can destroy the entire personality of someone when they are humiliated or publicly belittled. No matter how strong one is, it doesn’t mean he or she deserves to be hurt. It is said that the strongest hearts have scars. It takes only a few minutes for us to hurt someone, but it takes years to heal those injuries because the wounds of words are deeper than the cuts of the sword.

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We hurt others by our words, actions, silence, and sometimes even by ignoring them. They are not valued or being ridiculed for their simplicity or honesty. And the worst feeling is being hurt by someone you love or value the most. People we love, our friends or those acquaintances who are around us get hurt or mistreated on account of jealousy, envy, anger, hatred, arrogance.

Love is not the only relation we hurt others or get hurt. We hurt people connected to us by blood over trifle things, which may be any property land or some other issues. We hurt people in our professional fields due to jealousy and insecurity of succeeding us, overpassing us in ranks and promotions. We hurt people for fun and entertainment to get temporary enjoyment, even though our funny sarcastic remarks can hurt them badly. We hurt others due to our stupidity, immaturity, or by ignoring the fact that our actions might not be suitable for them. Hence there is no field of life we don’t commit mistakes. The world in which we live is a comedy of errors. Nobody in this world is perfect and infallible, we do commit mistakes, no matter how hard we try to prevent them.

But Mistakes are always forgivable if one dares to admit it. Repentance on wrongdoings need a heart. But not everybody is lucky enough to get the chance to redeem himself for his mistakes, because life is full of uncertainties, some unexpected may happen to us. We will have no time then to apologize. The best way to redeem oneself is by asking for a sincere apology as soon as possible. Delaying an apology is more painful than apologizing.

A timely realization of your faults can be an antidote to the wounds you have given to someone. If we delay our actions we can regret for life. Realizing mistakes timely is an art and not everybody is an artist because nobody wants to admit that he or she is wrong. To become a master of that art one must overcome the barriers to that art. If we want mastery over the art of apology we must cross its barriers.

There are many barriers in way to a sincere apology: Narcissism, self-love, ego, stubbornness, lack of courage to admit, being haughty and proud. All these negative aspects and traits of human life can be a hurdle in the way of a sincere apology. It is not very hard to overcome these negative aspects if we try with sincere efforts and humility. Because until you owe an apology to others you can’t be satisfied in life, you will become a prisoner of your heart and mind. People you have hurt will be occupied with your mind. It will be a burden on your mind and your soul that you have hurt someone and still not apologized to them. Once you liberate yourself from the burden of an apology, it is like a rebirth for you.  The peace of mind we get from an apology is very delightful and relieving effects.

Similarly, forgiving is another quality that distinguishes us from other creatures. If we keep our wounds open and still live in our past, we can’t enjoy our present and future. We humans have tendency to committing errors. Forgiving is a godly act, when we forgive others for their mistakes. We don’t consider forgiving is the characteristic of the noble soul.

So in the end, we can say that apologizing for your mistakes in time can prevent things from getting worse and promote healthy relations.

Author: Sheza Riaz  – Like Parhley on FB.

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