Al Haj FAW

Al Haj FAW increases car prices up to 95000

Following the trend Al Haj FAW motors has increased the prices of cars ranging from 70000 to 95000. Like all the other major competitor it is the 2nd increase of prices by the company in previous 4 months.

Company (Al Haj FAW) issued official notification of increase in prices on Monday. Notification will be applied with immediate effect.

When asked company did not share any proper justification of the price increase.

Here is the list of prices of Al Haj FAW motors;

New price of FAW V2 is pkr 1.574 million, on the other hand price of X-PV (Standard) is pkr 1.209 million and X-PV (AC variant) is pkr  1.27 million.

Discussing these cpntinuous price change in the auto industry, Suzuki increased its price for hot selling Alto and United increased prices for Bravo.

On the other hand Honda and Toyata has stopped manufacturing of different cars.

This huge impact was seen after the massive increase in dollar and less demand in the motor industry.

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