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About was launched to gather all articles under single roof. We are simple, bloggers, social workers, Pakistani and trying to make Pakistan a better place.

Most of the content is inspired and taken from other blogs, but as we respect online community we always give ref or credit to the original content writer.

There is always more to come. So Join hands with us. Thanks!

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We launched as blog at first with following post categories;

Following are more video based content;

Our Mission: aims to be number one blog in Pakistan by maintaining quality content and sharing authentic news from authentic sources and help every one in every possible way.

Our Mission is to earn from parhley,com and donate to the needy.

The purpose behind!

it is very simple, whatever we earn handsome % will be donated to needy of Pakistan. We will soon inform you once we shake hands with some welfare association in Pakistan.

How can you join in our mission?

  • You read our content on our website and share to maximum people.
  • Write your content on our blog.
  • You can help us by Marketing on our website.
  • Lastly donations are great way to support, help us donating extra things you have.
  • More will come soon!

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Note: We cannot donate earnings made from video content as this is not ours. We are just in collaboration with them. eg: Interviews, CEO Baithak, Reconnectt & Cinema PK.