Is coronavirus more deadly than ebola? countries with no reported case of corona

ABOUT CRONAVIRUS, Here is what one of the writer says, Check;

ABOUT CRONAVIRUS, Here is what one of the writer says, Check;

There is wisdom in every work if anyone understands.

Do not curse the corona virus as an enemy because it’s drawn man back to his humanity, to his creator and to his morals.

Transportation stopped at cinemas, night clubs, dance halls, booths, gambling and sexual assault centers but also reduced the rate of interest.

It brought families back together in their homes after an extended separation and also forced the planet health organization to admit that drinking alcohol may be a disaster so it should be avoided.

It’s shifted one third of the military budget to health. It’s frowned upon the blending of two opposite sexes and taught man the way to sneeze and the way is that the cleaning done?

And told the rulers of some big countries of the planet that what’s the meaning of binding people and made people to invite God and to invite forgiveness and to go away sins and dressed us like ordinary humans.


It turned towards reducing the toxic gas and other pollutants of factories within the world that contaminated. At the same time, a sudden halt in capital inflows could exacerbate things further.

Together, this may end in an urgent balance of payments need to counter the mismatch between exchange inflows and outflows.

The roads and streets are calm than they need been in generations and even friends keep isolation.

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