To Demi Lovato by A Pakistani Fan.

To Demi Lovato by A Pakistani Fan.

To Demi Lovato by A Pakistani Fan. Welcome to Pakistani Blog

I (Imran) am your big fan since beginning when I used to watch your shows and listened to songs from get back with you then cool for the summers and list goes on and on.

Our blog just signed up on instagram and you are the first one we started following.

Writing this blog as a memory, I will look at this in future when I will be having cup of coffee with you at small hut facing beach.What an amazing day would it be when I will request you to sing me get back and we will share a moment of joy.

I have always prayed that you be fine and happy in your life and keep making songs to make me happy. I wish I could see you in a movie or a Netflix series again.

Well, are you really coming in movies or series in near future, any plans?

Please let me know in private messages.

To all the fans of Demi Lovato:

Dear All, you are all amazing creature of the world. Please pray for my blog and keep promoting. Thanks

Here is the photo of Demi on her profile, it is amazing to see that you are staying with your parents, neighbors and best thing about yourself in the time of coronavirus outbreak.

Hows the break going, let know if you are reading this, if you are a fan of Demi, you can share about yourself too.

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