Why Online education is challenge in Pakistan?

Why Online education is challenge in Pakistan?

Online Education in Pakistan is something that may take years to spread all over Pakistan. It is one of the biggest challenge for Pakistanis.

We are nation who can not afford 2 time meal, how can we afford expensive charges of internet? or computers and smart phones?

Unfortunately there are still so many areas where there is no electricity and no mobile signals or any landline service.

These are the things I shared about under developed areas.

We have top universities in Pakistan but they do not have any infrastructure to conduct the online classes.

Previous days it was biggest challenge to take quizes, assignments and online exams, where students were on the streets saying we have not been taught, we have internet issues how can we give exams?

In short we are not ready for any change which could occur due to advance technology.

We are not far away where robots will assist us in many places and replace human beings.

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